Nikki Hirst BA(hons), MA, DipLCM, PGCE, PGDipM, MCIM

Marketing Consultant

Nikki has a wealth of experience in marketing for both larger and smaller organisations.  She understands how small busineses operate (running three of her own).  On top of that, Nikki has worked for Thomas Cook on a unique project (a conference centre, located in the middle of Heathrow Airport), The BBC at The BBC EXPERIENCE (a tourist attraction in the basement of Broadcasting House in London), Ealing Council (The Sports Development Team) and Sopwell House Hotel and Country Club.  She has also worked on her own businesses and more recently she has worked with The Fisherman's Arms who launched in December 2014. Nikki has also been teaching computing and business in schools for several years and this has been invaluable in keeping her up-to-date with technological advances.  Nikki has led and managed several different teams effectively and this includes setting up and leading the 'Faculty of Applied Learning and Enterprise' at Stoke Damerel Community College, a faculty comprising of Business Studies, Health and Social Care, Hospitality, ICT,  Languages and 'Bright Futures' (an offsite provision for learners who were in danger of becoming disaffected).  Nikki has a real passion for customer service, writing her Master in Marketing dissertation on measuring and ensuring high levels of customer service at remote sites.


As a result, Nikki has a lot of old-fashioned marketing values coupled with a knowledge and understanding of digital advancements.  She believes that the key to sucessful marketing and indeed business is in understanding your customers and making sure their expectations are either met or exceeded.  Her favourite aspect of modern marketing is the fact that everything can be measured so effectively, giving clear indications of what methods have impact and what other concepts can be tried.


Major projects include:

  • launch and promotion of The Fisherman's Arms December 2014
  • TV campaign for BBC Experience
  • leading and writing the sucessful Charter Mark application for Ealing Sports Development Team
    (to achieve a high standard in customer service)
  • launching the first airport based internet cafe in the world (Heathrow Airport)
  • writing a transformational pricing plan (in collaboration with BAA) to support The Business Centre, Heathrow turn into operational profit
  • working in the early years on video-conferencing technology, for blue chip clients, along with the DTI, Thomas Cook Futures, Olivetti and Manchester and Schipol Business Centres


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